Friday, February 27, 2009

Digital World

This post is regarding the reasons go for Sony and Canon camera.

Obviously , both also product from Japan .

Why Sony ?

In my opinions , Sony is famous because Sony is very good in designed and able catch up the train of the technology . For example : Touch Screen .

Reason go for Sony as below :-
  1. Very stylish
  2. Light weight or slim
  3. Processing time fast for taking photos
  4. Touch screen.

Why Canon ?

The differentiation between Canon and Sony is touch screen .Canon's digital camera controlled by mode dials or side buttons .

(Picture of mode dial or side button)

Reason go for Canon as below:-
  1. No touch screen may be more friendly for old generation .
  2. Light Weight
  3. Stylish
  4. User friendly
For any inquiries , you are welcome to drop me a comments for more information . Thank you !


  1. erm...
    i nt tat expert in camera..
    bt my fr n i did giv my good fr a canon digital camera as a gift b4...
    it is stylish and light weight
    convenient and suit for gals^^

  2. i feel sony camera is reli stylish n light!!!

  3. hey..bernard here thx for ur comment ah..haha..yaya i very agree with you that sony is the good product and is suitable for teenagers use. Anyway nice blog!!

  4. hey, calvin here. nice pictures and intro of the cameras of sony d. wanna buy one but duno which one better. haha.. thanks for the info

  5. Hi, david here. I think you had done well in the camera research. So, next time if I want to buy a new camera, I will ask from your opinion ya..Anyway, thanks for the infor sharing

  6. [ivytan]Yaya ~ Canon's cameras are easy to catch girls attention 1 ~ somemore the price also reasonable .

    [shu ying]Yupe ~ It is stylish and light weight.

    [bernardgood] Hey Bernard ~ Thanks for visiting my blog ya ~ Nice to meet u here.

    [calvin & MBO] If need more details information about the cameras , just let me know , i try my best to assist you.

    [David Lee]DigiMan ~ No problem ~ Just inform me , i will try to help ya ~

  7. wow, they're really great comparisons between sony and canon here..but i personally think the sony's design of their camera would get more of guys attention, while canon is made and designed rili smooth and seems lighter which are a little more suitable for the girls..but both are good stuff..thanks for sharing..=)

  8. hye. i got one digital camera brand sony. its really great. but i wanna try to buy the SLR one. not sure which one to choose. got any suggestions.?

  9. Both brand camera I dint use b4..
    But I think both brand camera is good and popular too!

  10. [sofia]Means that u also r one of the sonykaki ~ i will upload the post soon ~ hehe ~

    [yLing]Yeah ~ Both also got its own pros n cons ~

  11. i LOVE sony cameras especially the T collections. Light, stylish, got variety of colours and very thin as well. =D

  12. [aishah] Yeah yeah .. Sony T series really stylish plus light weight too ~