Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ngang Wei Seng

My name is Ngang Wei Seng and I am from Sitiawan , a beautiful town in Perak .

Before study at MMU , i working as a full time Sales Assistant at Camera Shop. As a result , I am quite familiar with quality and functions of the camera so i choose Canon and Sony for my products.

On the other hand , my hobbies are taking photos , editing the photos and reading magazines. I like taking photos very much .

My life is rather simple. I study , go online , write blogs and shop like every other typical teenager.


  1. Wow, nice blog and also the photo!!!
    you very professional in capturing photo
    Please teach me how to capture photo...
    If not,you will regret....
    Haha~~~~Just jokking

  2. yo...ur blog super colorful.very matching with ur brand....
    btw, looking 4ward 4u 2 introduce gadgets 4 digital camera unfortunately my camera is Olympus.

    signin off!

  3. actually i like your post most..
    because a lot picture
    nice blog~

  4. hey, i like ur blog. I like to take photos also. Actually, I influenced by my eldest brother and my boyfriend. Both of them love to take photos. Recently, my brother plan to buy sony this brand as his next camera. So waiting for your introduction.

  5. hey nice blog u got up der...
    great pictures...

  6. hoy. drop by to say hi.
    i think i know where is the 1st photo. is it located at jasin, cincin?

  7. u wanna learn yoga???
    join da yoga cls lor...
    cos some postures may easy to get hurt
    n u sure will becum popular in da cls
    cos u will be da only boy^^

    i like ur blog too...
    nice pics^^

    the lucky number app is for me to buy 4D??"p

  8. [WeiLun]Welcome ya ~ no problem ~

    [sherlin]If need any info about the Olympus or any things about the cameras just post at chat box there .

    [sH3nNy ]Nan Ren ~ Haha ~ Thanks for your support wei ~

    [shu ying]Yeah ~ i like it too ~ My dairy life's photos

    [cHr!s+Y]No Problem~ wHICH model ur brother keen on ?

    [ashley-arti-patel]Your blog also pretty good ~ Cant wait for more information about BMW ~

    [SoonTC]Yaya ~ the place at there ~ Very nice place for camping !

    [ivytan]LOL ~ wait next time u teach me can already la ~ The lucky number is especially for u 1 ~ u can go to invest in 4d too. hehe :P