Sunday, March 29, 2009


DSLR stand for Digital Single Lens Reflex.

The below 2 types of DSLR are encourage for begging user .

Sony Alpha 200 is the DSLR that i using now .

Canon 1000D .

Based on the average rating from dpreview both DSLR quality almost the same . Both camera at least get 4/5 of the rating .

Mean that both of the brands are produce good DSLR then the rest only depends on the customer loyalty to which brand they will buy.

For me of course i will choose Sony . The main reason is because Sony Alpha 200 more cheaper than the Canon 1000D.

Besides , i can get twins lens for my package which Canon 1000d only can get 1 lens only .

Both DSLR price around 2k+- . If you interested you are welcome to contact me for more information .

Monday, March 16, 2009

Video World II

This post is regarding the video cameras .Actually Canon or Sony video cameras are not much differences .Both also products from Japan .However, both brand got its own loyalty customers too.

For Canon and Sony video cameras the latest products are using built in Hard disk as their video recorder storages. In my opinions, Hard disk storages are much more convenience for user to transfer out the video into PC . User just need to plug in the Usb cable then can take out the video already.

In my own past working experiences , a lot of customers make noises that they spent a lot of time to wait for the video transferred out. So now both of the brand also come out Hard Disk as their storages so it become more convenience and easy to transfer out the video .

As a conclusion , what i recommend for users are go for Hard Disk based video camera.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Video World

After digital camera products , now i would like to share about the video camera.

Video Camara that now i using is Sony DSRHC 96.

It's using MiniDV tape to record the video .

This is how i take out the MiniDV tape.

This video camera also can performance as camera . For camera, 3 Mega Pixels , it's using memory stick to store the photos. Pretty good quality and i also can develop for 4 R photos qualities .

Advantage of the MiniDV tape :

i) Can re-use,
ii)Save costs,
iii)Easy to buy ,
iii)Better quality of video.

Disadvantage of the MiniDV tape :

i)Very troublesome when you wanna transfer into your PC,
ii)Waste time to process the video,
iii)Limited time of re-use (up to 10 times)

After the transferred , you can burn it into DVD or VCD movie file for home video.

In conclusion , this video cam bring me lots of memories especially during Chinese New Year time . Yeah ~ Cheers .

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Digital World II

This post is regarding the accessories that needed for Canon and Sony Digital Cameras .

Marine Pack and Lens Protector

Lens Adaptor , Camera Cases , Printer and Tripod

USB/ AV cable , Batteries , Memories Card and LCD Screen protector.

In my opinions, important accessories for normal digital cemera include memories card , battery (included) , LCD screen protector, lens protector ,camera cases and usb / av cables (included) .

Optional accessories are extra battery , printer , tripod , lens adapter and Marine Pack.

If you enough budget then maybe can try to buy optional accessory such as tripod.It's because during night time you need a stand to help you capture more stable and beautiful photos without any shake or so called blur photos .

Some peoples feel that tripod not necessary but some peoples feel tripod is important so it's depends on you guys own perception of the tripod.Yeah, some offer or promotion already include the tripod for you but the cost of the tripod actually counted inside the bills.

As a conclusion, next time when you guys wanna buy a digital camera remember consider the important accessories first and purchase smartly .