Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Digital World II

This post is regarding the accessories that needed for Canon and Sony Digital Cameras .

Marine Pack and Lens Protector

Lens Adaptor , Camera Cases , Printer and Tripod

USB/ AV cable , Batteries , Memories Card and LCD Screen protector.

In my opinions, important accessories for normal digital cemera include memories card , battery (included) , LCD screen protector, lens protector ,camera cases and usb / av cables (included) .

Optional accessories are extra battery , printer , tripod , lens adapter and Marine Pack.

If you enough budget then maybe can try to buy optional accessory such as tripod.It's because during night time you need a stand to help you capture more stable and beautiful photos without any shake or so called blur photos .

Some peoples feel that tripod not necessary but some peoples feel tripod is important so it's depends on you guys own perception of the tripod.Yeah, some offer or promotion already include the tripod for you but the cost of the tripod actually counted inside the bills.

As a conclusion, next time when you guys wanna buy a digital camera remember consider the important accessories first and purchase smartly .

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