Friday, March 13, 2009

Video World

After digital camera products , now i would like to share about the video camera.

Video Camara that now i using is Sony DSRHC 96.

It's using MiniDV tape to record the video .

This is how i take out the MiniDV tape.

This video camera also can performance as camera . For camera, 3 Mega Pixels , it's using memory stick to store the photos. Pretty good quality and i also can develop for 4 R photos qualities .

Advantage of the MiniDV tape :

i) Can re-use,
ii)Save costs,
iii)Easy to buy ,
iii)Better quality of video.

Disadvantage of the MiniDV tape :

i)Very troublesome when you wanna transfer into your PC,
ii)Waste time to process the video,
iii)Limited time of re-use (up to 10 times)

After the transferred , you can burn it into DVD or VCD movie file for home video.

In conclusion , this video cam bring me lots of memories especially during Chinese New Year time . Yeah ~ Cheers .


  1. nice blog and full information for video camera!!!Not bad!!^.^

  2. yaya..taking those memories are important. we all will miss it when we see what we had taken i our life.haha good job man!!

  3. [Wei Lun]Thanks for your drop by here . haha

    [Bernad]True true . Memories are countless 1 . so we better use technologies to help us ~