Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Konica Minolta

Some of you sure will think why i using Konica Minolta Lens rather than using Sony Original Lens ?

The reason is very Simple . This is because Konica Minolta Lens is cheaper than Sony Original Lens . For Konical Minolta 50MM lens price is RM 600 then for Sony price is RM1300.

Meanwhile , this lens Autofocus is very fast, quiet and sharpness compares with other lens . Beside macros are generally the sharpest lens around and very light weight too.

This lens help me take photos in low light situations, with anti shake you could use to half second shots from hand :).

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  1. Oh....my frend introduce to me some nice lens..but it's 2nd hand from the lowyat.net...quite cheap and still in good condition...lol...